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About Us

Manha handlooms is succeed over 60 years in the handlooms industry in Srilanka in fashioning a distinctive identity of our own by converting the traditional woven patterns and color scheme into the beautiful modern cotton and silk sarongs.

The artisans mostly elder men, women and some of the young generation people who were well trained as professional weavers, coordination of the eyes, hands, feet and mind in perfection and the outcome is durable modern quality sarongs.

The life of our sarongs begins with the dyeing of yarn in to vibrant colors. After a 36-hours process of boiling, coloring, washing and dyeing, the colored yarn is ready for the weaving process. And the warp role is created from dyed yarn which is dictate the design and color schemes, then its transferred to the loom and woven in to beautiful sarongs. To produce a durable high quality sarong will take up to 48 hours, depending on the design and the weavers.

In Srilanka Manha handlooms play a wide role in handloom (cottage) industry with hundreds of rural women and men depending on it for living.

We believe that first and foremost great quality is at the top of our consumers list and will find it in the tiniest detail of each and every handmade sarong you wear from us, and our sarongs are completely made out of eco-friendly raw material and maintaining internationally accepted quality standards.




Managing Director

Rifas Mohamed



Head of Sales

Saneer Junaid